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Company Values

LabConnect core values.
  • Long-term Successful Relationships

    We believe in developing close, lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with all of our stakeholders including fellow employees, clients, and vendors.  We seek to understand and anticipate our stakeholders’ needs and treat all with respect and appreciation.

  • Self/Company Awareness

    We make candid self-assessments and understand our strengths and our weaknesses to identify areas to continually improve.  We deliver on our promises.  We seek feedback from clients on how to improve and learn from our competitors.  We value flexibility and positive attitudes while being aware of the company’s resources and capabilities.

  • Passion to Excel

    We value giving our best efforts while accepting that mistakes will be made—particularly as we are constantly seeking to experiment and make small, everyday improvements.   We understand that to do so will require employing creative individuals with winning attitudes, the passion to excel, high achievement goals, and the desire to surprise and delight our stakeholders.  We seek to identify and surpass the benchmarks in our industry.

  • Creativity

    We address challenges with creativity and understand that solutions may be applied from other companies or even industries.  We listen to our clients and peers and understand innovations and how to apply them.  We simplify.

  • Interconnectedness

    We strive to understand the impact of our actions and decisions on our fellow employees, the company, clients, and other stakeholders.  We understand that good communication is a key to our personal and company success.  We work toward shared goals, maintain a collaborative spirit, and seek clarity and brevity in our communication.