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  • Three Keys to Successful Global Sample Processing
    Recorded April 10, 2019
    Sample preparation and processing are crucial steps in immuno-oncology, cell-based and gene therapies, and diagnostics. Obtaining timely, high-quality preparation and processing services on a global basis is a universal challenge. Refined services with global experience and widespread, proven resources can eliminate concerns over long distance shipments, variable transport conditions, and the quality and consistency of laboratory techniques and biostorage.
  • On the Forefront - What You Need to Deliver Biomarker Data.
    Recorded on October 9, 2018
    Learn how LabConnect’s innovative and cutting-edge sample management and processing services can help your clinical trial succeed. In this webinar, we'll demonstrate how LabConnect’s Early Development Services can allow you to transition from manual sample tracking to a real time automated approach via the proprietary SampleREACH platform.
  • Latest Trends in Oncology Study Conduct and Sample Logistics Management.
    Recorded June 20, 2018
    Industry experts will cover tips for navigating early immuno-oncology trials and keys for successfully managing complex sample logistics.
  • Functional Outsourcing: A Strategic Approach to Maximizing Efficiency in Clinical Trials
    Recorded November 14, 2017
    Within the industry, there has been a transition from the full-service outsourcing model to one that focuses on specific operational and technical competencies being outsourced to functional experts.  If managed effectively, functional outsourcing creates potential for cost savings, efficiency gains, flexibility of resources and the infrastructure for scalability.  The success of this approach is highly dependent on evolving models that meet the ever-changing needs of the industry, and collaborative alignment in strategy and goals between the vendor and the client.