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LabConnect centralized laboratory processes.
LabConnect is a steadily expanding, global central laboratory organization that provides safety, esoteric, analytical chemistry and molecular diagnostic testing services.
Kits and logistics
Laboratory collection kits that are easy to use and delivered on time are an important element of a successful clinical trial. LabConnect is consistently rated by our investigator sites as the top performing laboratory in this category.
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Customer service
Each trial is supported by one LabConnect project manager, data manager and customer service specialists who are dedicated to efficient and customer-friendly service. Find out how we go above and beyond.
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Project management
LabConnect project managers begin by developing a uniquely tailored laboratory services plan for each protocol. In so doing, our goal is to ensure seamless, trouble-free implementation of the laboratory services plan into your overall project.
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Data management
LabConnect offers an innovative package of reporting options for individual subject results posted and delivered on the day testing is completed. Make sure to investigate reporting further and compare LabREACH™.
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Accurate and timely data begins with detailed and proven processes. At LabConnect, we have combined these processes with a state-of-the-art data management platform ensuring delivery of clean data according to your exacting specifications.
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LabConnect's unique combination of state-of-the-art technology, world-class laboratories, easy access to emerging markets and extensive specialized testing expertise means the drug development industry can rely on a single provider for all of their central laboratory service needs.