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Custom approaches to clinical data mining

BioVisualization:  Data Analysis, Visualization and Interpretation

Large, complex data sets are generated throughout the course of a clinical trial.  Understanding the underlying trends is vital to making critical decisions.  However, data analysis can be challenging, time consuming and tedious.  LabConnect’s BioVisualization proprietary software platform is a tool that enables effective data mining and ease of interpretation.  By visualizing your clinical trial data in diverse ways—clearly and simply—you can identify important trends in your study results.  Customizable figures are generated at the push of a button and provide you with a wealth of insights.  These findings will facilitate time and cost saving decisions in areas such as medical and investigator site monitoring.

Our BioVisualization service is designed to query our clinical sample databases in real-time, so your most current data is being examined.  The figures are downloadable for ease of sharing with colleagues and incorporation into reporting documents.  Need assistance creating novel figures or analyzing your clinical data for new insights?  We also offer the following specialized consultation services:

Diverse, intuitive views of real-time data

Customizable user interface

Push-button analysis

Tracking and alert features for critical sample analysts

Downloadable figures for ease of sharing and reporting

Personalized consultation

Let LabConnect provide you with the data analysis and interpretation expertise necessary to maximize the results of your clinical trial.


Reporting Solutions

The following reporting modalities are available for delivery of laboratory reports to your investigator sites.  You can select the option that works best based on individual site needs and capabilities.

LabREACH™:  Innovative Central Laboratory Reporting

LabConnect offers an innovative package of reporting options for individual subject results that are posted and delivered on the day testing is completed.  Our site-friendly reports clearly display abnormal results and historical values for out-of-range results.  This unique feature enables investigators to quickly access past results to save time and assist in ensuring subject safety.

LabREACH™ is our 21 CFR Part 11-compliant, proprietary laboratory reporting technology, capable of providing secure access to results in real-time.  Investigator sites have the option of receiving results via PDF and/or fax.  LabConnect offers sites the ability to access their reports through LabREACH™ Online, an innovative, user-friendly tool with “drill down” features that display current and past subject results.  Our columnar format facilitates simple comparison of visit-to-visit values and eliminates the headache of searching through paper source documents.

is a secure website that enables you to view, save and/or print your laboratory reports.  Subject results are displayed in an easy-to-read tabular format with up to six visits displayed at one time.  With this tool, you can easily retrieve past results and watch for trends.  Color coding clearly identifies out-of-range or critical values.  LabREACH™ Online also enables you to print or save a PDF of your report if one was lost or misplaced.  Access to LabREACH™ Online requires a username and password.
delivers a PDF laboratory report to your designated email address via secure 128 bit encryption.  Users that are not able to receive PDF laboratory report attachments may prefer LabREACH™ Email link.  LabREACH™ Email link is the same as LabREACH™ Email without the PDF attachment.
delivers your laboratory reports to the fax number you specify.  This is the traditional method of delivery that we are all accustomed to—having a fax sent to a specified machine.  We continue to offer this, as it is an industry standard.

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Client Testimonials
  • “Our lab team here was just talking about how much we enjoy working with LabConnect and it has been a very pleasant experience.  From rush kits orders to queries everything has been smooth and almost too easy. We wish more of our sponsors would select LabConnect over other central labs.” Anonymous, MLT (ASCP)CM Operations Supervisor, Laboratory
    Site Management Organization
  • "LabConnect is the most congenial and responsive central laboratory we have worked within our 25 years in the clinical trial business.  You make our job very much easier. " - Robert Levy, MD, Director of Clinical Development - Primus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • “I would also like to include my great appreciation and thanks to you and your team for delivering laboratory data for our study and for the huge amount of flexibility to meeting our needs... All the way up to the final data transfer!” Jennifer Vincent Manager, Clinical Operations
    Alba Therapeutics
  • "I'd also just like to say how impressive [your] laboratory reporting tool is. One, if not the best document I have probably ever come across." Graham Pentelow Senior Data Manager
    Syne qua non Ltd
  • "... absolutely wonderful to work with! She is so flexible…we were under extremely tight time frames and [she] went above and beyond to get laboratory kits to the first sites... She is really an asset to the team and I really can depend on her to help me with the many issues that have come up." Anonymous Project Manager
    Academic Research Organization (ARO)